Getting started is the most important step….

My goal for the blog is to report unique business news and comment on other news items about local business.
I’ve always  been fascinated by sharing.  How sharing multiplies results.  I’ll look for businesses that are doing some form of collaborating and report how they are doing.  
My vision is for Monterey County to become connected through the web-specifically the mobile web.  We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  There are already several apps, websites and services available – we just need to agree on the most helpful and implement them!
Let me share a couple of examples.  Credit card fees are the necessary evil of many retailers and restaurants.  There is one company called Dwolla that charges a flat fee of .25 cents per transaction!  Imagine what a retail unit can save if they signed on to Dwolla?
Also, there are several apps that help bands.  One of the best is Reverbnation.  There are already a few local bands using it. What would happen if all of our musicians signed on, and Monterey County residents adapted Reverbnation as their source of info for local live music?
But there are other ways to share … How about if several local restaurants banded together and created an online community?  So the next time one venue needed to print out flyers they could work with others to share printing costs.
These ideas need to be fleshed out and turned into an organized outline but I am operating on the principle that “the time to act on a good idea is now” and will be formalizing as I write the blog.  By following this blog, you’ll get to see an idea come to fruition…so feedback is welcome and appreciated.
There’s too much money to be saved and too much to be gained – I don’t want to wait til the blog looks perfect before starting.
The next blog will be about the TedxMonterey conference that happened on Apr 26, 2014.  Watch for that in a few days!

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