Jumbled options = No Sale


I was in the market for a hosting solution.

I had narrowed it down to Host Gator and Blue Host.

I had both open and was chatting with the customer service about their services.  I decided on Blue Host because they specialize in WordPress.  But after I clicked to order I noticed that I could not really tell the price I would be paying.  Did they mean that I need to pay for a year at a time? And why are all these recommended services checked?  It was confusing and I opted for Host Gator because I know exactly what I’ll be paying for and everything is included.  It may be that I needed the extra “add-ons” or I may have been able to save a couple bucks per month by not choosing some; and I also did not want to post my credit card info and find out I had to pay a whole year in advance.

Bottom line is: make sure you communicate well to your customers and be transparent with prices.


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