Find Your Trainer App As A Business Model


Source: Find Your Trainer Helps You (Duh!) Find A Personal Trainer


In its seed funding stage, it’s going to be interesting to see how well this app does. Why? Because it’s employing a model that can be duplicated to fit other industries.

It’s an app that handles scheduling and payments, but also acts as matchmaker, letting customers choose trainers that match their criteria. The article states that because FYT is a platform with an already built-in infrastructure, the company has already expanded to 300 cities in 10 states.

Let’s apply this model to another industry. How about an app called Find Your Chiro? The app would vett potential chiropractors and then create a directory which lists different techniques, amenities, equipment, prices, and insurance plus other criteria as dictated by industry experts. Customers would be able to choose the right chiropractor faster. The appointment and payment transaction would be handled before the customer walks in the door. Chiropractors would save time and money on  billing and appointment expenses.

Can you think of another industry to apply this model to? The possibilities are endless. Share your thoughts.


Startup Monterey Bay Tech Meetup


Starting a business is hard. A new group started by CSUMB Small Business Development Center hopes to make it easier. Their vision is to create an entrepreneurial environment for all businesses – new, startup or existing.

I’ve been to three meetings and each meeting is progressively more educational, fun and interactive.

Each meeting features two speakers who are either starting up or have an existing business in the Monterey area. Preceded by a short meet and greet and followed with questions. Meetings are building momentum and it seems we need more time.

No meeting in January because the SBDC is working on their annual Startup Weekend Monterey Bay, an intense 3-day collaboration and contest.


The monthly meetings resume again in February. Free to attend at Press Club in Seaside.  Juices, wine/beer, coffee and sandwiches or salads are available.


Startup Monterey Bay Tech Meetup

Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016, 6:00 PM

The Press Club
668 Williams Ave. Seaside, CA

4 Members Attending

In addition to a featured talk or tech demonstration we’ll have pitches (contact us if you’d like to pitch your idea or business), news about startups in the region, music, fun,and games.Drinks and food are available for sale through Perfectly Pressed Juice Bar ‘N Cafe at The Press Club.Special thanks to our event sponsor: The Monterey County Wee…

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